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Winning legislative campaigns at the state and local level is a non-negotiable pillar of our movement for justice and dignity.


Our trainings include collaborative skill-building, learning, and a robust docket of guest speakers. Make your campaigns even more powerful, strategic, and savvy. Continue to cultivate the endurance and resilience necessary to confront privilege and oppression within legislative advocacy.

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Our Legislative Maps help advocacy teams understand local and state government structures, timelines and power relations. We keep them up-to-date and beautiful. Download a sample and fast track your collective understanding of session calendars and how bills become law.

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[wt_h2 heading_style=”wt_heading_1″ align=”center”]Advocacy Institute In Action[/wt_h2]

Over 500 organizers in New York use our resources to reveal who holds power, who works for them, and how they fit within the legislative landscape. Together, we’re creating a more effective social justice community of activists and advocates.

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[wt_h2 heading_style=”wt_heading_1″ align=”center”]Comprehensive Training for Legislative Advocates[/wt_h2]

The Advocacy Institute’s cohort model and intimate trainings foster collaborative networks that develop trust across issue areas, sectors, and the state of New York. Woven into all of our education is a commitment to interactive participation, the use of relevant case studies, and an understanding of the dynamics of privilege and oppression in legislative advocacy.

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Powerful Trainings

Plan a legislative campaign, target power brokers, navigate the legislative and budget process. Address the obstacles and opportunities faced when engaging in local and state advocacy.
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Creative Visual Aids

Understand government structures and relationships as well as the nuances of legislative processes, timelines, and the intricacies of different legislative entities.
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Guest Speakers

Connect with seasoned advocates from an array of organizations, current and former government staffers and elected officials, journalists, and academics.

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Practice & Role Play

Develop legislative strategies and tactics via specific case studies and real-time examples. Receive dedicated support from certified experts, network and collaborate across issue areas.
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[wt_h2 heading_style=”wt_heading_1″ align=”center”]Comprehensive Tools for Legislative Advocates[/wt_h2]

Time-saving tools like the Legislative Directory help members manage campaigns, reach elected officials and staff, track meetings, collaborate with coalition partners and access ongoing support from the AI Team. Real-time infographics and strategic roadmaps help members be resourceful and decisive.

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Influence Targets

Identify potential sponsors. Connect with staff and track relationships over time.
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Track Meetings

Meeting plans and outcomes at your fingertips. Easy compliance tracking.
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Get Information

Access high quality factual, objective data gathered from trusted sources.
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Pool Information

Share notes and insights with colleagues and allies. Share resources with collaborators.
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We’ve partnered with Podio to deliver our Data Workspace.

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[wt_rotator timeout=”5000″ speed=”3000″ pauseHover=”true”] [li][wt_testimonial author=”. -Deborah Axt, Co-Executive Director, Make The Road New York”]”The Advocacy Institute tools and staff are simply exceptional. We are now ruined for working with any other consultants and any other data tools– these folks and all of their work are mind-blowing. Tracking our dozens of different campaigns and hundreds of contacts with elected officials used to feel overwhelming and frankly impossible. But working with AI has already solved some of the most acute pain points were were suffering as an organization.”[/wt_testimonial][/li] [/wt_rotator] [wt_rotator timeout=”5000″ speed=”3000″ pauseHover=”true”] [li][wt_testimonial author=”Kendra DuFresne, Choice for All, Long Island”]”Of all the things I learned here at AI, I’m leaving with the confidence to lead a campaign—and that’s by far the most important.”[/wt_testimonial][/li] [/wt_rotator] [wt_rotator timeout=”5000″ speed=”3000″ pauseHover=”true”] [li][wt_testimonial author=”Kate Rubin, Youth Represent”]”AI gave our policy staff a shared baseline understanding of the political landscape at the state and city level, which has made conversations and decisions about campaign strategy more useful and effective.”[/wt_testimonial][/li] [/wt_rotator] [wt_rotator timeout=”5000″ speed=”3000″ pauseHover=”true”] [li][wt_testimonial author=”Maria Mottola, New York Foundation”]”After working with the Advocacy Institute, our grantees are better prepared for what they’ll encounter on the steps of City Hall and in Albany. More importantly, they are fired up and working more effectively to win policy changes that matter to New Yorkers.”[/wt_testimonial][/li] [/wt_rotator] [wt_rotator timeout=”5000″ speed=”3000″ pauseHover=”true”] [li][wt_testimonial author=”Sonam Dolker Adhikaar for Human Rights and Social Justice”]”Before the Advocacy Institute, I had a vague idea about legislative processes in New York. Now, I have clarity about jurisdictions, the dynamics of regional and partisan politics, and how we as advocates can best strategically push legislation. Excited for another year.”[/wt_testimonial][/li] [/wt_rotator] [wt_rotator timeout=”5000″ speed=”3000″ pauseHover=”true”] [li][wt_testimonial author=”Kamau Butcher Bronx Defenders
“]”A single tear formed in my eye when they unveiled the Legislative Directory. It’s glorious.”[/wt_testimonial][/li] [/wt_rotator] [wt_rotator timeout=”5000″ speed=”3000″ pauseHover=”true”]

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The Advocacy Institute is fiscally sponsored by the Tides Center.