Membership fees are annual and on a sliding scale determined by an organization’s budget (with a minimum of $25). This keeps membership accessible to those with smaller budgets that are on the front lines of organizing. You can use the chart and fee calculator below to get an estimate of your annual membership fee.


Budget Under $1.2M

Fee1⁄4 of 1% of Budget

Budget Between $1.2M and $2.5M


Budget Over $2.5M


Budgeting Consideration
We recommend that organizations budget their Advocacy Institute Membership as consulting fees. Our funders and trusted advisors agree that given our holistic approach to your legislative advocacy, consulting fees is a more accurate description of the services rendered than, for example, professional development. Moreover, foundations tend to support consulting budgets more readily.


National Organizers & Direct Service Providers
If you’re a national organization or a direct service provider, we’re open to a conversation about how to calculate your membership fees.