Some alumni groups from last year’s course are planning to participate in the 2014 Annual Subscription. Great! We’re thrilled to have your organization in the five week course again and we’ll be reaching out for your input on curriculum changes.

For some organizations, participating in the course again isn’t feasible and you’ve requested an alternative. We’re excited to be offering this Alumni Subscription and to continue supporting your legislative campaigns with the Legislative Directory, quarterly breakfasts, and targeted support.

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*Questionnaire due June 1, 2014

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Alumni Benefits

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Get access to the new tool that helps advocates research and navigate elected officials and their staff, committees, and districts.

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Crafting legislative strategy? Navigating important relationships? Alumni Subscribers get 3 hrs of dedicated strategic/tactical support.

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Quarterly breakfasts & special events provide opportunities to network/discuss political shifts. Subscribers always invited.

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Maggie’s Monthly email updates include resources and analysis that clarify current events and inform strategic decisions. They’re really awesome emails.

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Alumni Subscription Fees

Since your organization participated in our five-week course, we’re providing you with the opportunity to access our legislative consulting package without the course at a reduced price.

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*An organization with a budget of $300,000 will contribute $450. An organization with a budget of $900,000 will contribute $1350 for the alumni subscription, etc.

**If your organizational budget is over $4M, we’ll determine fees on a case-by-case basis.


Semi-annual and quarterly payment plans available. We can also support fundraising efforts through letters of support and connections to institutional funders. If you would like more information regarding budgeting your participation, please email us.

Note: In the wake of conversations with funders and trusted advisors, we recommend that organizations budget their subscription Advocacy Institute as consulting fees. Given our holistic approach to your legislative advocacy, including access to the Legislative Directory and on-going consulting, we believe it is a more accurate description of the services rendered than professional development. Moreover, consulting budgets tend to be easier to fundraise for from foundations.